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Welcome to the Sectorum, a vast, lawless expanse where lives are exchanged for fortunes, and humanity’s only hope exists.

Join other traders to form huge networks of commerce, trade, and piracy. Build powerful bases in space and on planets, construct imposing Citadels, and deploy awe-inspiring fleets as you explore wormholes and a maze of interconnect galactic sectors.

Sectorum is a turn-based, sci-fi multiplayer-online-battle-arena where galaxies burst into existence and survive for a furious few weeks while traders fight to the very end for supremacy over all others. Inspired by the classic Tradewars MMO, Sectorum galaxies are the perfect place to prove your cunning.

Will you play as an honorable trader, following the rules of the Imperial Police? Or will you play as a rogue, robbing ports, destroying enemy planets, stealing victory from your opponents one theft at a time? Or will you stay behind the scenes and hunt out artifacts? Negotiate peace agreements with alien planets? Or destroy humanity altogether? Sectorum’s short game length means you can try them all!

Be sure to join in the next big bang!

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